Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just up the street at 50th and 8th is Fire Station 54. I used to pass it all the time when I was going to work. It became a tourist attraction after 9\11 because they lost more fire fighters than any other station in proportion to their size.
Today before President Obama went to ground zero he visited this station for lunch. Since it was just up the street we decided to go and see what we could see.  Not much as you can tell. There were 12 dump trucks filled with sand that ringed the perimeter of the station bumper to bumper. I am wondering how they got to many sand filled dump trucks.  
"Hey, Bernie we need a dozen dump trucks full of sand at noon at the fire station."  Why? I can't tell you."  
No one was allowed on the street or that side of the sidewalk for 3 blocks either side of the location.  No on on the other side of the street was allowed to stop. I took several blurry photos until this one came out. It was a massive crowd but it was moving so it seemed thin.

Police were everywhere, and sharp shooters were on the roof of all the buildings. I am not sure if this would be normal security for the President or is it special in light of the Osama bin Laden action last weekend.
I think I got to see the presidents shoes for a moment as he went from Limo to the station, but you really couldn't tell, they were all wearing presidential footwear and we were constantly told to keep moving.
It just proves my point about New York.  We haven't been here twenty four  hours yet and we have already eaten at one of our favorite restaurants, seen an incredible show...(War Horse.. more later about that show) and waved at the President of the United States all in a few blocks of where we are staying.  
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Roomie said...

We are so glad that you are thee and are having a great time....I understand that "War Horse" is fabulous...know it will be great to see Cleve and HTS....Mandy says to let you know that the security level is UP around here as enjoy your stay and we will talk soon...have a few questions for you.....Love to Sandi...hope you get to see The Wiz....
Carry on,

Bob Conrad said...

Saw a great video on the making of the horse's , quite ingenious.