Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brother Wease

Brother Wease is the morning drive time DJ for Rochester. He has been the dominate radio personality here for 25 years and can probably go another 25 if he wants. If Wease says go see a show, people go, and if he says it is just okay they don't. He loves "The Two and Only" and this morning I did an in studio guest spot on air. He gave away tickets and will continue to promote the show the rest of the week. I believe he will get the populous to act and we will see a huge increase in ticket sales. He is a very nice guy with his roots in comedy and even owned Yuck Yucks in Rochester when comedy clubs were king.
I said that there would be no more mention of Harold Camping and his doomsday prediction. I was wrong. He has evidently said he got it wrong again and the date is now October 21. So the saga continues.
Here is what I think happened. Camping said to God..."What is my Fate..." God says, "It will come on May 21st and it will be a big event... it will be something that you have waited for all your life. But you must be there to receive it yourself because it is only meant for you."
Camping say, "Wow that is my fate?"
God says, "Fate?... oh I thought you said Freight."
Today is the birthday of my oldest son. I'm not sure he reads this blog on a regular basis, but I am so glad to be his Dad. He has become a very fine man and although it is hard for me to admit, much smarter and wiser than me. He is truly a citizen of he world speaking several languages navigating himself all over the globe. His thirst for adventure and to experience new cultures and new ideas is outstanding. He is coming home to LA from his residence in Berlin next week. I will get to spend some time with him after this Rochester gig. I am ready for some quality time with him. Happy Birthday Bran...
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