Thursday, May 05, 2011

Beautiful Day

I won't have the evidence available until I get home but it was a picture perfect day in New York City today. Even on a camera that was half the mega pixel rating of other newer versions I could buy on the street, I still got a couple of photos that look like postcards. Central Park was newly blooming from the leaves in the trees to the tulips in their beds. Everything was fresh, absolutely the essence of Springtime.
We walked past the baseball fields to take a picture of the Navy Memorial at the Bethesda terrace and fountain. Then on through strawberry fields to 73rd Street where we left the park and walked by Loddie's building over to Columbus Ave. It was great to be back in that neighborhood.
We saw "A Normal Heart" and had late drinks with the Wiz and other wonderful friends at Angus...third floor. If you don't know the significance of the third floor at Angus, then there is no way to impress you. That or you have never known a real Broadway Gypsy. More later.
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