Sunday, May 15, 2011


Although I passed by the Houdini Museum yesterday in Appleton I was not aware of the significance. Today at the airport I spent 50 cents to crush a penny into a medallion with the name and likeness of the great Magician. I think Harry Houdini was born in Appleton or at least in Wisconsin. Which leads me to a very relevant discovery. It would appear that Houdini's first and greatest escape was getting out of Wisconsin.
It is a beautiful day in Appleton, the sun is out and the wind is blowing. I am not sure if that translates into a quick flight or a bumpy one on the little hopper we are taking to Detroit to connect to Rochester.
Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. It is not the first time Sandi and I have spent an anniversary apart nor is it apt to be the last.
After waxing poetic on my love of the Theatre and performing in yesterday's blog, the down side is being away from family on special occasions once and a while. I envy people who can plan a vacation or event well into the future. I never know from month to month exactly what I will need to be doing.
I missed my oldest son's High School graduation, but made it in time for the dinner party in his honor after. It happened that I was on a plane sitting next to Quentin Terrintino. He turned out to be a fan of my work and we started a conversation. I mentioned I was away for my son's graduation because if the plane ride. My son happens to be a huge fan of his work, so Quentin wrote me a note as an excused absence from the proceedings. It didn't completely make up for the absence but was an acceptable story for him.
John Ivy, who is not only my stage-manager/lighting director/sound guy and traveling buddy, he is also an excellent chef.
He has gone a little crazy buying cheese here in Wisconsin. He found a block of two year old cheddar in a brand that is really good and fresh. He will use it to make his wife a wonderful meal for his wife. There you go, that is the difference between us..... John is buying cheese and I am mashing quarters into Houdini faces. Sort of says too much about us doesn't it.
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P. Grecian said...

Harry Houdini was born Eric Weiss (spelling?) in Hungary, but the family moved to Appleton when he was four or five, and he often claimed in interviews that he was born there.
I have been on the road with shows not nearly so often as you, but I know how lonely it can be and how disconnected one can feel. Break a leg, Jay, I remain ever hopeful your tours will take you somewhere near my city.

Cheryl said...

Enjoy Rochester, Jay! Love your Quentin T. story....