Monday, May 16, 2011

Well it is official Donald Trump is NOT going to run for president. Since the sole plank in his platform was removed with the release of the Obama birth certificate, his fledgling campaign has stalled. I am sure that the "regretful decision" as he classified it, had nothing to do with the fact that Celebrity Apprentice was picked up for another season just a week ago, Regrettable for the electorate, who did not get the chance to tell him, "Your Fired".
It would have been a great cabinet if he had made it all the way to the White House: Gary Bussey as secretary of War, Meatloaf as secretary of Mental Health and welfare, Star Jones as secretary of state and Lil John as Attorney General. There could be some new cabinet positions as well.... Marley Matlin as head of communications, and Nee Nee as the United Nations rep.
Each week they would bring cameras into the cabinet meetings and President Trump, flanked by a young male nerd and a luscious beauty queen would determine who's policies had raised more money for the country. Everyone would eventually be fired except for the one narcissist who appointed them all, Trump himself.
I can't believe that the media fell for the oldest PT Barnum promotion in the book. When your show is on the bubble of being cancelled, start a controversy that is pure fiction and then when the show begins to show signs of life, start the rumor that you are tired of people causing controversy.
It is a cold rainy day in Rochester although the trees think it is spring. I just found out from my sister that there is a Minister who says the world is going to end on May 21st. There goes the chance to extend my run here by popular demand. If the end of the world takes as long to get to Rochester as it does for spring to arrive I'll be writing a blog on May 22 and for some time after.
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