Saturday, May 07, 2011

How to Succeed

I'm not without bias in the opinion that "How to Succeed in Business" is a great production because I love my brother-in-law who definitely works hard as any to make this show so wonderful. Daniel "Harry Potter" Ratcliff is really charming and delivers a very likable Pierpont . John Laroquette is very funny as Mr. Bigley and the whole cast gives life to a show my wife did as a teenager in rep. It could have come off as dated but doesn't. Rather it comes off as a charming period piece like "Hairspray". I have never heard reactions like that coming from a Broadway audience before. It was more like the screams of a rock concert than a theatrical presentation. Daniel is a world famous movie star and he is attracting throngs to see this show. After meeting him back stage he is as charming and centered as any young guy you could know. That charm and lack of pretense in real life makes his stage persona all the more appealing. He casts a spell on the audience as affective as any hogwart grad. It is impossible not to like him even if you did not grow up wit a crush on Harry Potter.
Way to go Cleve. Number 12...a full dozen on Broadway. Mom, Dad and Claudia would be (and in reality are) very proud of you. I was touched by the dedication you made to Loddie in the Playbill; she more than anyone would have screamed at your bewigged portrayal of the Ad executive. Very proud of you and Donna and Jacq.
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