Monday, May 23, 2011

Bonus Monday

I guess we can all look at this as an extra day since the world did not go into rapture yesterday. That will be the last reference to that event from me... I think we have beaten that "horse of the apocalypse" to death.
I forgot to mention, at the matinee yesterday there was an incident. Just as I started my show a small red light went on in the middle of the house. It seemed to be following me for most of the show. I realized it was someone recording the show. I couldn't really make out who it was but this red light kept blazing at me and following my every move. There is no time in the show I can walk off stage and tell the assistant SM, besides the SM is only back stage long enough to ring a phone and throw Spaulding on stage anyway. I kept hoping that the house staff would catch it, but it continued on. At one point I knew that I was thinking so much about this "pirate video" that the show was suffering. Instead of being in the moment I was only thinking about the recording. As an actor it was really weighing on me.
I decided to take matters in my own hands and paused the show. I spoke to the unseen videographer and asked him to stop filming. I said that it was really distracting and I would like to tell my story to give the audience the best show I could. The audience gave me encouragement and support and I continued on. It was at a point in the show which was difficult to recover, but with a renewed sense of dedication I returned to the script. It eventually became a non issue and the show got back on track.
John and I discussed it afterwards. He was not in position to see the light like I was, but documented it in the show report. I was a little stressed that the house staff was not aware of it to stop it without me having to interrupt the show. I think they knew that. Afterwards the assistant house manager, Aaron who is also the go to guy for most everything at the theatre and we like him a lot, came up to me.
He said, "The guy wasn't actually filming the show... it was an older gentleman with an assisted hearing device. The red light was coming from the unit." Yipes... I had not thought of that because the theatre is so small I didn't know they offered hearing assistance. The light was following me on stage because the guy was watching me move back and forth. I went from offended artist to obnoxious jerk in a matter of seconds. I felt terrible for calling him out in front of the audience.
Aaron said that fortunately he did not know I was talking to him and actually clapped in support of admonishing the phantom videographer. I guess I dodged a bullet. Now that I know there might be the occasional hearing assisted patron I will be less likely to become distracted by a red light coming from the back of the house. I also think that the house staff will police the audience a little closer so their actor does not go off on another tangent.
Ivy spent all day making the most incredible stew for our dinner and it is now ready. I am eating it as I write and it needs more attention than I am giving it.
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