Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday.

It's the final preview before opening and the excitment continues to grow. The audience seems excited as well, applauding with the house lights going down. At that point I knew we were in for a great ride.

I gave Spaulding a few notes on his entrance, and the crew worked with him a bit before the show. His entrance was perfect tonight. (Sorry Nate!)

Squeaky brought a tear to my eye tonight. He was so sweet and lovely. From backstage I can usually only hear the louder audience responses. Tonight I heard a few collective "aaaww"s.

Bob was a little extra feisty. He threatened to "walk" if Jay touched his hair again. Jay said "You walk, and there's a different show."

Darwin was going after the audience a bit tonight. There were a few hysterical comments that I couldn't write down. I was laughing and trying to call cues simultaneously, so I couldn't get it down on paper.

Due to the opening night festivities Thursday, I may not post again until Friday.
Until the next one,


Uncalarr's Harmonyland said...

Happy to see you have a blog so I can tell you how much I enjoyed the show last night. Rather than gush on your website, I'll reference my blog so you can "discover" it on the internet.
Larry Picard

John Ivy said...

Happy Opening!!