Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Wiz report for Saturday night.

I must make this short, as I'm tuckered out from our first two-show day, and I must get up early for tomorrow's matinee. I'll focus on the evening performance, as that's the one still in my head. This was one of our most responsive audiences here. There were some new reactions, like a nice "ooohhhh" for Long John LaFeat, and some applause when the curse is lifted from the village. Even Jackie and Gaga got applause after their appearance. There was some applause when Jay first mentioned "Soap". He stopped and said "Who knew? It could have been called 'Welcome Back Kotter'" That really got me laughing! It was a magical day, and now I must get some rest.

Until the next one,

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david wylie said...

All seems to be going like planned.
You and "your peeps" are a SMASH.
CONGRATULATIONS again and again.
Carry on,