Friday, September 15, 2006

There is a joke that goes like this. An actor comes home and his wife has been sexually assaulted in her own bedroom. The actor says, “What happened?” The wife says… “It was your agent he was here looking for you and he attacked me.” The actor says, “MY AGENT CAME TO THE HOUSE?”

The only reason I think of this joke is because I talked to my agent Chris Burke today and he said, “I read your blog.” MY AGENT READ MY BLOG?” So, I figure I better write some more.

Tomorrow I actually get to go on stage and walk on the set. I have not been allowed to do that until now because that is considered a “rehearsal”. Until all the tech people finish setting the lights and getting the set up, we can’t “rehearse”. Tomorrow the space is mine. I can’t wait.

It looks great. Beowulf’s set is perfect on this stage and Clifton has more lights to work with than any other time we have done this show. I even watched them set three Varilights (very expensive robotic lights that can do just about everything but ventriloquism). I briefly heard the sound as David was tweaking it, there are new micro speakers that line the edge of the stage to give it an incredible presence, and I have a brand new “out of the box” wireless microphone to use. How they sneaked this budget past Roger Gindi I’ll never know.

There will be more stories after the first tech rehearsal tomorrow. TECH is supposed to stand for “Tough, exhausting, crippling and hard” rehearsals. But not this show, sometimes it all comes together and everyone gets along. This show has been blessed with the most talented and creative artists on Broadway.

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