Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well today was the day. There must have been fifty stagehands working the stage like a beehive to put up the set. It looks great in that space. Tomorrow the sound and lights go to work to make the magic. We are really moving fast toward the Tuesday night preview opening.

I have moved into the dressing room. Or should I say dressing rooms. There is a fireplace in the green room, which is sort of the living area of the cast suite. I brought all kinds of pictures and eyewash to hang on the walls, and I moved the furniture around to be more accommodating. Murphy and Paul suggested I get a guest book for visitors to sign. That is a great idea.

Tuesday will be a very busy day. We are doing a gypsy run-through, basically a dress rehearsal early enough for all the casts of the other shows to come. After that I will perform on the David Letterman Late Show. Yes, they called and I am honored to be a part of ventriloquism week. I don't know that there has ever been another. And after the Letterman taping I will rush back to the theater to actually perform the first time for the paying public. I don't plan to do anything on Wednesday until show time.

It is off an running for the show and I could not be more excited.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Wish you the best! You are a truely amazing and talented artist! Be sure to give spauding my best.

KMae said...

Do NOT tell me I missed you on Letterman, I was flying back into Jersey late last night. Man, I can NOT believe I missed you on Letterman, I watch everynight I am on the ground. Crap!