Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello from New York. I have arrived and we are one week from previews. Today I passed by the Helen Hayes and they were loading out the “Kiki and Herb” set. Tomorrow our posters and signage outside the theater go up. They start to load in our set on Wednesday. Thursday I move into the dressing room. It is all actually happening.

I am not sure how to write about my experience yesterday, when all I have to work with is words. I performed for an event called Broadway on Broadway. This is a free concert on a temporary outdoor stage at Times Square showcasing musical numbers from all the Broadway shows. I was asked to do a bit from my show and was welcomed as the new kid on the block from all my Broadway peers. There is a very warm feeling that comes with acceptance into this exclusive club. The actor/singer/dancers from the shows could not be nicer or more supportive.

The perspective of standing and performing on a stage thirty-feet above Time Square, looking out over fifty thousand people is a singularly unique experience. There is nothing that can prepare you for that. As for the sight of catching a glimpse of your face on the four Jumbo tron television monitors that bracket Times Square, well, give my regards to Broadway.

But it all comes down to one moment, the finale; everyone sings “New York, New York” in front of a live band of the best musicians in the city, with me standing between Martin Short, Donny Osmond and the stars of Jersey Boys. (By the way the female cast of the Jersey Boys are very hot very cute and worth the price of a scalped ticket all by themselves)……. Then they release the confetti. A blizzard of colored snowflakes momentarily obscures the Times Square concrete canyon from street to sky.

Welcome to Broadway, Johnson, it is your second day in town.

As you were. (although I am not sure it will ever be as it was for me again)


Q 5 Go said...

Hi Jay!!

Sitting here with Stewart Lane in Olney, MD. We were checking out the website. It all looks great! I am hoping to come see the show.


PS. Have fun on Letterman!! I'm going to link you on my blog.

KMae said...

Sounds perfectly fabu!!