Thursday, September 21, 2006

So it is one week until the official opening night of the show. My wife finally found a dress to wear so I guess we are getting close.

We put in a change for the ending of the show tonight. It will be tomorrow before we get a sense of how it is going to work. Tonight I was waiting on the new lighing effect to make a move that never came. It turned out that the Wiz (our Production Stage Manager) was waiting on me to make the move to call the cue. In laymans terms it was a mexican stand off. Nothing happened for the longest time. Tomorrow I will jump on it so it will happen sooner. That is the geat thing about a live show, so many artist are working in unison to make it happen seamlessly. The audience has no idea how many hours things have to be rehearsed to happen correctly.
As you were,

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Rick Ebling said...

My girlfriend and I saw this show during an earlier run and we routinely re-live it by repeating some of the lines. They never stop bringing a laugh. What a great show! Don't miss it - you'll have lost a truly great opportunity.