Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today is the first day the stage was mine. Everyone told me this is the perfect theater for my show, and until now I was just repeating that mantra. However, the moment I stepped on stage to actually run the show, I realized immediately how wonderful the Helen Hayes Theatre is. If there ever was a jewel box theater this is it. It was built in 1912 at a time when actors had to be seen and heard without the use of modern day technology. Add to this architecture the technical advances in stagecraft and it becomes something special. (Don’t tell the general manager, but the balcony seats are even better than the first few rows of the orchestra). The sound, the lights, the set, they all come together to make theatre magic. I hope it is a huge hit, but no matter what, if you don’t see this show here in New York at the Helen Hayes, you will miss a truly magical moment in Broadway history.

Yeah I know you say, “Well it’s your show naturally you would think that.” The truth is, it isn’t just my show anymore. This is the synergy of so many artists I really can be objective. I am just fortunate to suddenly find myself in the company of such wonderfully talented people. How can a ventriloquist be so lucky?
As you were,


Fritz Lyon said...

I met Helen Hayes 40-some years ago, and I feel sure she would have welcomed you herself.
I'm sending a note today to everybody I know, one by one: Go see "The Two and Only!" Here we can all agree, and laugh ourselves silly. Good luck on Letterman; Paul will laugh himself silly. Great story in The New York Times! Yep, it's not just you, Jay. There will be a lot of us up there with you. The audience won't see us, but you're our voice(s). Break a leg (not yours or Bob's, please),
-- Fritz Lyon
Belfast, Maine

david wylie said...

Roomie said,
I have beent thinking about you daily and communicating with LM all the while. No reply from emails, as though you're not busy. I can hardly wait for Letterman and know that the previews will ROCK and the opening on the 28th will be a SMASH. Loved the spread in the NY Times. Only wish I could be there to laugh with you but will remember as I always do, the crazy times we had "once upon a time," and the late night "malt-o-meal" snacks Squeaky had to have.
Remember, I had to lock my door! Enough for now...take them by storm and remember G 'Em H!!!"
With a lot o love,
Your oldest Roommate

KMae said...

You'll be Great!
You'll be swell.


Garland said...

Saw the show tonight (tuesday) Jay!
My wife and I loved it. We laughed and cried, it was all great Theatre.

Thankyou so much for sharing your life with us on stage. It was unique in all the world and so wonderful!

Eddie Garland

Anonymous said...

Tuesday Letterman --
It was a scream! That is, you, Darwin, were a scream. Several screams. I was absolutely fixated on Darwin, not the other guy, what's his name, Jay -- couldn't take my eyes off the monkey. It was more than vent. I have never seen a screamer on Letterman, or anywhere else on the tube for that matter. I wonder what Edgar Bergen would have thought?
What a preview! You're going to go through the roof, Jay. Surprised at your choice of Darwin, but not after I saw this. Wow!
-- Fritz Lyon
Belfast, Maine

Dave "Lurch" Johnson said...

Saw you on Letterman last night. Just fabulous. You've come a long way since Desert Fiesta. Thought you were great back then but now--well, just amazing. Wish you were on Broadway when I visited in 2002. Hope everything else is tops in your world. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Jay, Saw you on Letterman last night - you and Darwin were great! We'd love to have you do a gig for the Intermountian Humane Society's Holiday Howl fundraiser Saturday November 4th in Golden, CO. Any interest?

Golden, CO