Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Wiz report for Sunday night.

What a day we've had today. It's both thrilling and exhausting. We've just finished our first week of performances. What a crowd we had we had this afternoon. They were incredibly responsive, almost raucous at times, and it was so exciting. I'll never get tired of hearing the laughter and applause.

There was a fun moment this afternoon: Bob had tape over his mouth and in a quieter moment, someone in the audience sneezed. Bob blessed them! Later on, there was different reaction when Darwin said that he reads dirty books. Darwin looked out to the audience and said "I know you know channel 35". It cracked me up.

In the evening performance, a cell phone rang during Bob's routine. Bob stopped and said "Is that a cell phone?" After a chuckle from the audience, Bob continued on a little riff about cell phone and the possibility that Jay could have made that sound.

We've had a very fun week, and now it's time to rest up for the next one.
Until the next one,

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