Friday, September 01, 2006

A dozen people have called to tell me that David Letterman announced, “Ventriloquist Week” on his show starting September 18. That is the week we start previews. The Public Relations firm for the show seems to think there is a connection, if nothing more than a cosmic consciousness of ventriloquism coming to Broadway.

I have not been contacted to perform on the Letterman show, nor do I know anything about it since the Late Show is not on my nightly Tivo list. It will be interesting no matter how it turns out. I am hoping he does not turn it into a “Stupid Human Tricks” segment.

One thing Dave, if you are listening, you keep saying the "dying art of Ventriloquism". Walk five blocks south of your theater and notice that the art is alive and doing very well on 44th St.
As you were.

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KMae said...

So Jay, have your agent call Dave!!
It will be great publicity for your run!!!

You don't watch David Letterman????