Friday, September 22, 2006

Jay mentioned in one of his earlier posts that "the Wiz" (the production stage manager) would post the nightly "performance report lite" here on the blog. Well now that we are in previews, that time has come. So please allow me to introduce myself. I am "The Wiz" (short for "Wizard") and I will post a short performance report on a fairly regular basis.

We had a terrific show last night. The crowd and the energy were simply amazing. Even offstage in the wings I could hear all of the applause. These audiences have been the best yet - getting every little nuance. Nethernore has been cracking me up lately. He and Jay did a new little riff to the question: "How do you know when something is dying?" It got a great reaction which prompted a second little riff. Spaulding was great - and he and Jay added a new little "What was that" / "No, who was that" routine that made me laugh. Bob got his own entrance applause tonight. There was a great laugh when Jay told Bob that he was working on the act - "not hanging around backstage at 'Avenue Q' trying to get lucky." Darwin had me in hysterics, as usual. We changed the curtain call a bit just prior to the performance. It didn't go quite as we had rehearsed. Jay was waiting for the new light cue, I was waiting for Jay to give me the cue, and we ended up waiting for each other until I went ahead with the cue anyway. We both had a great laugh over it!

Until the next one,


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more - it was a wonderful show and a great crowd last night. I will be watching. I look forward to more "reports light".

John Ivy said...

I can't wait to see it!