Thursday, September 21, 2006

There was the cutest five-year-old kid who waited around a long time (with his parents) after the show last night to get my autograph on his Playbill. His name is Gio. I give a shout out to him knowing that he can’t even read this yet. He told me the autograph was going to be his “show and tell” at school. Between, opening on Broadway for previews, doing the David Letterman show and now…Gio’s class, this has been a pretty big week in my life.
As you were,


Ryan Charisma said...

Saw the show last night.

Great work. You have alot of lines.

Congrats and wishes for full houses!

david wylie said...

What a joy to talk to you on Tuesday...You and the "D" were great of Letterman. Of course, I wish you all the best for previews and the run. Will talk again soon, I hope...CONGRATULATIONS, you young whippersnapper.
Carry on...
Your oldest roomie

ABG said...

We are seeing the show this Saturday afternoon with our 2 young daughters (7 & 10). They are both looking foward to it very much and we are glad to see that you are gracious in greeting your young fans at the stage door following the performance. All the best!