Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Twilight Zone
Every one's had that psychic experience of dreaming something before it happened, or being in a new place you swear you have been before. The problem is these events don't happen in laboratory conditions. They are hard to prove and sometimes even harder to remember. However, once in awhile it occurs when there is no doubt that a strange phenomenon took place.
Here is the background. I go into detail for clarity. 
As with any household repairs when you up grade one area of the house it dominoes to something else.  Such was the case with new windows in the front bedroom.  The windows are great but the old ones were wired to the monitored alarm.  To reconnect the new windows required an upgrade to the entire security system.  We called ADT and a security specialist, PC name for "salesman", came to the house.  Nice guy named Dave.  I spent about an hour with Dave going over  what needed to be done.  He arranged for a crew to come out two days later and do the work.  They were able to connect everything but a backup wireless access, because the module was on back order.
Dave calls the next day and says, "Just wanted to see if you had the coolest security system in the neighborhood."  I told him we were not having a party to celebrate but that it was fine.  I reminded him that we were still missing the module.  He said he would get right on it and the installers would be back within the week.
The week goes by and I called Dave on Saturday.  He thought they had already been out to complete the job.  He said when he got to the office on Monday morning he would take care of it.  I didn't think more about it, and certainly thought no more about the jovial Dave.

It is now Monday morning. Although I went to bed late I got up about 7:00 AM when Sandi went to work. I had a coffee but after she left I got sleepy again and went back to bed for a nap. Now is when it gets spooky.  
I have a new app for the iPad that is called "Frequencies." I'm not sure how scientific it is but it claims that the wavy white noises it produces are actually delta and alpha brain wave frequencies. I know enough to know that we have alpha and delta brain waves.  The alpha is the frequency at which you dream, and delta the frequency of deep sleep.   Supposedly this app helps with relaxation, meditation, creativity, deep sleep and even stimuli when you need it.  So I set it to meditation, and quickly fell sleep.  
I have this very vivid dream that someone is knocking on the front door. It is as real a dream as I have ever had.  I remember going down the hall to the front door and looking out the frosted cut glass window.   There was someone there but it was dark and I could only see a shadow of the person.  I turned on the entrance hall light but it did not help me identify the person outside.  In my dream I remember thinking, "wow the new security system is not on, should I open the door to this guy?"  I turned on the porch light and the mans face was clearly visible.  I was relieved to see that it was the security salesman and I said, "Oh it's Dave Trax." Until that moment I was not sure what his last name was, but I said it out loud in the dream.  He came in and said,  "You should have your security system on....".  For some reason I was embarrassed and started making excuses, when I was awaken by the telephone.  It was not a number that I recognized but blinking the cob webs out of my eyes and ears I answered it.  The voice said, "Hey, It's Dave Trax." The conversation was short he knew he had waked me up and just said that the guys would be back the next day.
I had seen this guy only once in my life and talked to him twice on the phone. In my dream I know his face and his full name, and in the dream he is coming into my house. Moments after that vivid dream he calls me on the telephone. 
Now.. that really happened.  I have had the experience before but never so close together that I could prove the dream came before the event.  Usually I end up talking myself out of it being a true psychic event... but not this time. 
I doubt that I can create the affect on demand, but plan to experiment with that Frequencies app a few more times before I find another ghost to chase.  
Move over Edgar Casey.... 
As you were,

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Roomie said...

That's very strange....but the question is....did they ever get the part in and come to the house and finish the job?.....I think Helen has brought some of her beings to your place.....when are you off again....?
Carry on,