Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thank You New Jersey
Sort of seems like we have been here for three days, but in reality we have been here only about 16 hours. We are all very tired from this marathon. It will take me a few days to sort out all the feelings and memories to put them down in blogism.
It is a lonely place up on stage alone even when I have a cast of 11 imaginary partners. To have John and Steve holding the rope while I scale the wall again is very comforting. They make it look wonderful and in the theatre tonight it looked particularly beautiful. In the last three nights the two of them have programed three different lighting boards. Each board interprets the cues a little differently so it is not just a matter of loading the show and rehearsing it. The audience never sees that work and I get to take the bow, but as I have said before, A one person show simply refers to the cast, not the other incredible talents that are not seen on stage.
I met several wonderful fans after the show tonight. One man was seeing the show again for the fourth time. He had even seen it at the Atlantic Theatre. Two other gentlemen drove 90 miles to see it, one for the second time.
I am thrilled that the show resonates in such a special way with so many people. I set out to write a personal journey of my path... I never thought it would touch so many in the ways it does.
I'm beat and need to get some rest. Thank you, Woodstock, Vermont, Port Wahington, New York and Vineland, New Jersey. Good night.
As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

Hi Jay;
Sorry I wasn't able to catch you at either Port Washington or Vineland. This is the closest you have come to my home since I saw you on Broadway at the Helen Hayes. Vineland is interesting it's in the middle of the state. I have performed at the Library and several of the schools in Vineland.

Roomie said...

Safe travels to all you guys!!!!!
Carry on,

puffmom470 said...

Hi Jay,
It was wonderful to see you perform in person. I loved the show! Ventriloquism still amazes me. Thank you for being so nice to my daughter. She now loves you.


Dina L. said...

Jay -

It's so good to know you are still working at it. When are you going to be out in Northern California? BTW - I have an old picture I want to send you from the vent convention in 1985.