Friday, March 11, 2011

Editors note for story below

Sandi wrote me this morning:
"You are gonna take some heat from saying Donald O'Conner in White Christmas (he wasn't in it) Danny Kaye was."
I stand corrected.
As you were


Roomie said...

Well, I am just now getting to the blog today, and I was just about to suggest that it was Danny Kaye also, but Donald O'Connor would have been fine in it as well.....hope things are good today and that you guys are "dead on" as usual....thinking of you.....
Carry on,
TB & tb

P. Grecian said...

It was SUPPOSED to be Fred Astaire reuniting with Bing Crosby after the hit they'd had with "Holiday Inn."
But Astaire didn't want to do it.
So they rewrote the part for Donald O'Connor.
So, in some parallel universe, he performed the role and you were absolutely correct.

But Donald O'Connor became ill and had to bow out, so they slid in Danny Kaye.