Thursday, March 31, 2011

Relative Quiet
Last night I went to see  I Am-  a film documentary by Tom Shadyac. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in thinking about their/our collective existence as a species.   Take someone to see it who will discuss the ideas with you afterwards.  If you miss it in the theatre, highly possible with a very limited release, access it via your favorite  media and watch it at home.  If you don't take something to heart from all the ideas presented in the film,  you may be past hope.
More Later,


Aaron said...

I am not sure if this is going to play in "Peoria", but your blog prompted me to click on the link and I viewed the trailer. The trailer succeeded in it caused me to want more. I will at least ask our local theatre chain to bring it here to Springfield (near Peoria)! As I finish this, a song comes on Pandora that is so telling and summarizes my philosophy - "Closer to the Heart" - and I think is part of I AM too.

Aaron said...

I probably should clarify "play". I meant it literally. Limited release movies don't usually make it to Central Illinois. As for the tone, tenor, and theme of I AM, it is universal!

Anonymous said...

So glad you saw it- a dear friend from my high school/college days is the distribution company,Paladin- they are really trying to get the word out

It is one of the most amazing docs i have ever seen-