Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Friend Peter Rich
Back in the days before email and blogs, Peter Rich was a performing ventriloquist on the road  going club to club. It was a time when most cities had a supper club and they actually did shows.  We met when I was 14 years old and Peter was performing at the Texas State Fair.  After that meeting, I became Peter's Pen Pal (try to say that without moving your mouth).
He would write me postcards from the various venues he was working.  Not a long missive perhaps not even the length of a Tweet, usually just a funny line or two. I think he communicated with a lot of us kid vents back then and he had a lot of postcards to write.
He also wrote a column called Peter Rich Rites in an early 60's vent magazine called The Oracle and later for a vent newsletter called The Vent -o - Gram.  I always liked his articles and humor.  A writer ventriloquist... there is no wonder why he would come to influence me.  Twenty.   Thirty  FORTY  never mind... This many years later we are still communicating and still via the post office.  He just sent me this clipping from San Antonio, Texas newspaper.  Here it is:
I bought Zingo, one of Frank Marshall's figures, when I was a teenager, and converted him into the $6 Dollar man, a cheap knock off of the $6Million Dollar man who was on a television show at the time.  Zingo didn't make it into THE TWO AND ONLY but he is still a part of my life.... as is Mr. Rich.  He doesn't "do" the computer and he may never see this blog.  If you know him, give him a call or send him a card to say Happy 90th birthday. Here is to you Peter Rich... a man that is Rich in more than just talent and name. Thanks for your friendship.
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Bob Conrad said...

I think many of us young ventriloquist hopefuls read and followed the adventures of Peter Rich through his writing. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but am glad to see he is still with us and doing well.