Friday, March 11, 2011

Great Neck
This will be brief. It it 3:30am and we just arrived at the Inn at Great Neck, NY. It was a five hour drive from Vermont. We went through four states in the rain and snow pulling a trailer with the set. The guys, John and Steve will have to be at the theatre at 9:00am. How glamorous is show busines?
The Historic Heritage Hall in Woodstock Vermont was a great old hemp house theatre. The crew had all the lights hung before we arrived and we were ready to do run-throughs by lunch. That is the way it is supposed to go. It was great. It snowed so the crowd was light, but extremely responsive and smart. They got every subtlety and joke. John said the show was spot on. He never blows smoke at me and tells it like it is, so if he said the show was "on" then it must have been. It felt good, and although I did not have any paranormal experiences, i am certain that theatre is haunted. It had a great patina to the atmosphere. The only thing missing was categories for the monkey song game. Lori forgot to send them so we had to wing it. I went with the default of "Stars and Stripes Forever". If you don't know the monkey song game we play during the show, it is too much to explain tonight, remind me tomorrow and I will spell out the rules.
Lovely time in Vermont and I wish we had been there more than a night to reach more people. The Blue Horse Inn, bed and breakfast was beautiful. One of the best beds and most relaxing places I have ever stayed. Carrie the owner was terrific. I would love to come back and really stay sometime for a vacation. It was snowy and charming and at one point I thought I was Donald O'Connor doing White Christmas. The only difference was Donald played to a full house in the movie.
I have taken to calling Steve, Radar, after Radar O'Reily from Mash. He seems to anticipate everything I need before I even think I need it. He even loaded snacks and drinks in a cooler for the long drive. What a great pleasure to work with him. He and John speak "techy" amongst themselves and I am lost some of the time. This was our longest hop for this leg and it seemed to go as fast as a five hour drive after a show and load out could.
Tomorrow is another theatre and another set up and strike. We will spend the night here tomorrow night, or technically tonight, and go to New Jeresy for the Saturday night show.
That is about it for now. I am ready to go to sleep now. I was so tired on the drive now that we are here I have this false second wind which is sure not to last very long.
Goodnight dear bloggies. More later.
As you were,

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