Friday, March 25, 2011

Remembering what you forgot
I have a lot of passions in my life. In addition to the art of ventriloquism I love to draw, write and think about philosophy.  Actually I like to think about everything, but philosophy is one of those things that impact my life directly. 
Philosophy and spirituality come together in my mind somewhere as I know that the right philosophy of life is ultimately the same as living life correctly. Living life correctly is what spirituality means to me.   Much of the time spirituality gets all bogged down in the dogma of religion. One finds themselves blindly following rules of a clubhouse called "church" which often have no bearing on living a better life. 
My drawing, writing, thinking desires sometime come together in wonderful ways.  I sit with a large drawing pad and print words and phrases that I hear while watching television.  Most of the time it is a jumbled bunch of lettering that doesn't seem to connect to anything worthwhile.  Occasionally there is a moment when it all comes together and something useful happens.  

This is the case when I was watching a PBS special of a Wayne Dwyer lecture on "The Power of Intention".  As I was listening I would write down the phrases that struck me at that moment, and there were plenty that rang true that evening. Somehow that transcription transcended the moment and became art.  I hung the page on my office wall and refer to it often. I call it "The Scroll". Those phrases hit me again with the same force now as they did when they came from Wayne Dwyer a year ago.

I referred to the scroll this morning and found a really wonderful contemplation for the rest of the day, and hopefully for a long time after.  On the bottom right hand side of the page are four words:  "No Where and Now Here."  Same letters, but the two words are polar opposites in concept.  The difference is just nt placement of the space.  It was just what I needed to remember today.  Just when you think things are going NO WHERE you can move your space and things are suddenly NOW HERE.  I am unsure in what context Dr. Dwyer used them, but the truth of the meaning surpasses use.

I need to know how to use my space, when to take a pause, where to take a breath in my concepts.
Echart Tolle says that *now* is the space between our  past and future, in fact he insists that there is no past nor future, there is only now. 
I can always take a different space, realize the now, when I am feeling no where, and realize I am actually now here. I'll try my best to remember that, but I am glad I can look at my Scroll on the office wall to help me remember when I forget.
Have a great weekend.  It is now here and it is up to all of us to pause in the right place and remember. 
As you were, 


Aaron said...

Great points to ponder, but most importantly act upon!

Bob Conrad said...

Interesting concept. life is what we make it - we all start out the same- it is up to us to make something out of it. Make it work.
We think alike, most of the time.

P. Grecian said...

Religion's fine until they start building buildings and forming committees. I don't see any point in doing good because, according to the committee's rules, you'll go someplace bad if you don't. Mark Twain said that a person should endeavor to live so that when he dies even the undertaker is sorry. Seems a good philosophy to me.

Bob Conrad said...

Committees don't work, I read somewhere that the Giraffe is a horse created by a committee. That's why I work alone.

Ben North said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love the poster, I am sure I will go back to it again sometime.


Roomie said...


We had some very profound statements about the page of thoughts and about "No Where and Now Here," and in the process of telling you that our favorite quote that we tell all singers to live by..was at the bottom of the page..."Don't die with your music still in you" is so true....we hit something and the entire entry vanished into cyber space. Suffice it to say we enjoyed the entire thing and what it says....if only we could act on all of these principles, religious or not.....we send our love your way....

Carry on,