Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Final Act
In the almost forgotten saga of KLM and the lost luggage which ended, as you remember, in an assumed home invasion robbery, there was one final adjustment to make.  I am referring to the reimbursement check we were to get for the out of pocket expenses resulting in our 3 week delay of luggage.
It took a couple of weeks to find the right forms and the right addresses to send our receipts.  Just when I was ready to send them I got an email telling me that I needed a "claim code".  I had to apply for a "claim code" which was hidden in the labyrinth of website links.  
However, I was determined and kept very good records with all the tickets and numbers I gathered along the way.  I had everything that they asked for and sent the paper work off to ether world.  After several weeks just as I was beginning to wonder if the info. had arrived I got an email that told me the claim had been approved and a check would be forth coming.  It did not say an amount nor a date when it might be "coming forth".  

Again after a couple of weeks and nothing had arrived, we got a check in the mail.  Here it is.  It came from Delta since the original trip was booked on Delta.  The co-share flight status was part of the problem, since I kept getting handed off to the other airlines in a tag team denial of responsibility.  But Delta finally came forth and delivered on their promise to make it right. 

I am always happy when I can retire a file, and this KLM luggage file is finally retired.  I suppose if you can wait long enough everything will eventually be squared away. That principle works with just about everything but conflict in the middle east.
As you were,

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Roomie said...

Hadn't forgotten about the saga...in fact I am like you and persue it until the very end....although this happens to me rarely...it did when I came to see you in Albuquerque, but baggage arrived the next day....it's a helpless feeling even then....did you change the address on the check to protect the innocent, or did you move and didn't want me and Mandy to know?
We will be sending good thoughts as you and JDI embark on this second leg of the truck tour....
Carry on,