Monday, March 21, 2011

The Show Must Go On...
In Memory of Rando the Rat Bastard...
Although our original Rat has left the secure job with the Two and Only Company, he will not be forgotten.  There is substance to the idea that instead of leaving the show Rando was left behind in  a fit of prima donnaism in the Florida panhandle.  He graciously participated in the joke that could have caused him to go missing, and might not have been ready to leave his job.  None the less, we hope that he is happy where ever he has ended up.  
In the finest tradition of show biz there is always an actor in the wings ready to take the part and continue on.  I found the Stand in Rat.  I'm not sure when we hired the Stand in Rat and I never thought we would actually call him into service.  I think it was insurance against him suddenly loosing his voice. He was in the prop trunk ready and able to jump in.  
That is the thing about show business one day you are hidden in an old Broadway trunk and the next day you are calling the show.
His name is Rando the Rat Bastard, named after my friend Randall who came to New York during my Broadway run.  He had a night off and rather than come to see my show.... he got tickets to the Lion King.   That's right.... the Lion King.  (He didn't actually see my show until it came to the Colony for the second time four years later.)  Randall became Rando the Rat Bastard from that night on, and this is his name sake.  Technically he is Rando the Rat Bastard II, like Popes the New York Rat changes his name when he is called into the higher service of show biz.  Having a numbered name is not that unusual.  
Few will know that he is a replacement actor.  He has his lines down and delivers them with the same passion and Sinatra impression as the original cast member. Please welcome the newest old addition to the show.... Rando II.  
The show must and of course will go on.  Good luck to Rando I - in your new life away from show business.
As you were,


Bob Conrad said...

Welcome to Rando II, it's always good to have a stand-in ready in the wings, I just hope Rando I isn't hanging out with that sound man.

Anonymous said...

hahaha well if you need a new friend...check out the documentary "Dumbstruck's" facebook page!
They are holding a contest to win an Axtell Bird Puppet!