Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weakly Apologies
In an effort to keep peace in the world of Ether, and to counter the Karma incurred by errors of omission as well as commission. It is now time to offer my apologies.  The World is A Stage,  all of its staff members, writers, tech experts, artist and editors are truly sorry to all anyone especially those on the list below for writing, drawing or implying anything that might have been taken the wrong way:

1. Frosty, Heidi and Frank
2. The Floon Family Folies
3. Chris Lockhart
4. Marge
5. The Irish
6. St. Juantuminy Swithens.
7. The Tony Awards®
8. PDS
9. Broadway Gypsys
10.  Sandi Asbury
11. Fred and Ethel Mertz
12. The Mistress of Dragonbone
13. Ring Worms
14. Jay Sandrich and Linda
15. Corduroy 
16.  Ducks in general
BUT... in no way do I apologize for anything said about Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santatorium or the anonymous jerk that called me an idiot for my post about the Binewski's. To those people I would like to say: "May your crotch be infested with a thousand fleas and your arms be too short to scratch."

17. Now... I have to apologize to David Roomie for using his curse.

As you were,

1 comment:

Roomie said...

There is absolutely NO reason to include Fred and Ethel or the Floon Family Follies in any apologies...we are all flattered by your thinking enough of us to include us in at least 2 or more of your blogs....with photos, no less...flattered and complimented, THANK YOU!!!!!
But I have to ask one question...why are you apologizing to "moi" for using my curse....I never remember using the flea, crotch and short arms curse ever...BUT in case I did....I love it and thanks for giving me the credit for coming up with it.....and just for the record, Mandy wants you to know that she doesn't have any fleas and I don't have any where you said...I'm pretty sure, because there is no itching.....We loved the blog today...I must find the Kanewski's (sp) offense and find what you said....and see if it warrants apologies....
We love you and LONG to see you...
Carry on, dear friend, as only you can....
BTW..these robot word things are damn hard to read...