Friday, March 16, 2012

Hidden Treasures 
I once heard of a guy who was redoing his house years ago.  I'm not sure what his business was but he had a large number of heavy stock posters in his possession.  He couldn't figure a use for them but decided that they would make acceptable insulation in one of the bedroom walls.  So between the studs he placed hundreds of these posters and closed up the walls.
Years go by and the house changes ownership several times. One owner decided to remodel the very bedroom and when they opened the walls they found all the old posters.  It seems that they were created by and artist and a lithographic company that had become famous.  This home owner was now in possession of hundreds of posters that now had become valuable.  He was able to pay for the construction with the funds made off the sale of the valuable poster.
Several years ago we were redoing the bathroom next to my bedroom/office at the house. The studs were open to the room and the insulation was about to go in. That is when I got the call that my off Broadway show had just been nominated for a Lortel Award.  It was the first nomination of any kind that the show had received. 
Thinking of the posters in the wall I took a single poster for the Off Broadway Show and with the contractors help we attached it to the inner wall of the shower.  It is mainly a guest bath now, but the few times I have showered there I always remember that I am facing a hidden poster of my show. Like the hidden playbill in my Tony, it may never be found in the future.  I am not so concerned.  For me it is like sending a message out in space, or throwing a bottle with a message into the ocean (which I have also done off the coast of Hawaii). I don't know why that fascinates me, but it always will. 
Whomever is reading this? My hope is you have some idea that fascinates the imagination of your soul as well.
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