Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Noel Paulene 
Just after I heard that Nicki and Jeff were expecting a little girl I drew this picture. It was an attempt to channel the idea of her arrival. Art is thought expressed in form, but since my thoughts are dyslexic at the least, it may need explanation.
In my concept, Noel's arrival happens on stage in front of people at a theatre. Beginning her dance of life. A Dancer taking her first bow. The performer's first solo. (Okay... so to a carpenter everything is a nail, to a performer everything happens on stage - I didn't say the thought expressed was deep just dyslexic.)  
I intended to give this sketch too her but I haven't yet.  I think it is a matter of timing. The more I thought about it, what does a four week old great niece need with this sort of stuff.  It is not even colorful enough for her to focus on at a month old. 
So I figure I will publish it here, on this blog, now. Hide it in the archives of the digital human history on the world wide web. It will exist here in the ether world where ever information and blogs like this are stored. It is a virtual message in a bottle thrown into the digital ocean. She will discover it some day at just the right moment in time.
I fancy that she will discover it while conducting some ancient digital archeology assignment for school. In a future google global search for her own name Noel Paulene Valeri ... this  blog will get a "hit". Although buried among every other text containing her name it will be there somewhere.  
Some day in the future Noel will be reading this entry and looking at the picture dedicated to her. She will understand a lot about the Great Dunka Day from looking at this drawing.  We will connect over distance, space and time. She will faintly smile and remember : "That's right my great uncle did NOT make a living drawing."
What ever it is that leads you here, and when ever you find it, Noel, know that a lot of people have been thinking about you even before you were born.
As you were,

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