Saturday, March 03, 2012

Life as it Should Be
There's a joke that goes like this.  An Actor comes home to find his house vandalized and his wife who has been sexually assaulted. Although he demands to know who has done this awful deed the wife is reluctant to tell him.  Finally she says "Okay, while you were gone your agent came to the house.  I tried to  fight him off but he attacked and raped me."  The actor looks at his wife and says excitedly, "My agent came to house!?"
So last evening we are having a wonderful dinner with  our friends Jay and Linda Sandrich.  My friend, favorite director and mentor says. "How is your new Dog?"  
I said, "How did you know about Boo?" We had not seen them since the dog took over my house.
He said, "I read your blog."  Jay Sandrich reads my blog!?  I guess I have to work a little harder on these entries in the future.  
I would still hold Jay in the highest regard even if he didn't read my blog, but gee whiz. After the years of reading and directing scripts from the best writers in television, I think my blog would fly too far under his radar.  Just goes to show you why everyone loves Jay Sandrich.
Friendship is very important to me.  Friends are the greatest gift the cosmos has to offer, in my opinion. In a business where careers are short and television series shorter it is difficult to remain friends with someone you worked with.  Jay and Linda have been friends, supporters, investors, mentors and very special people to Sandi and me for decades. 
I think when St Peter greets me at the pearly gate he will not ask to see my financial port folio.  He will want to have a look at my address book. He will see all the friends I love to laugh with and say, "Come on in, you are the kind of person we want up here."  With that entrance requirement I could spend eternity with the people I love to hang with the most.  You can keep your streets of gold, give me streets filled with the people I love to laugh with, that is heaven to me.  Unlike all the possessions and things we gather here on earth, memories of the joy shared with friends is something you *can* take with you. 
Don't waste a moment getting together with your friends.
As you were,
(the other)


P. Grecian said...

I figure just reading your blog gets me points.

Dave Robison said...

Sometimes, I am ashamed that we, non-celebrities, are so fascinated by celebrities and their celebrity friends. I sometimes find myself saying, "Wouldn't it be great to be friends with.....what a great thing" although I would never dare to minimize my friendships in my non-celebrity world; each one means so much to me.

Tonight on Netflix I watched "Life of Reilly"--Charles Nelson Reilly's one man show. He mentioned many of his celebrity friends and mentors he had grown old with over the years and then I opened your blog to read this entry.

Your blog often reminds me that celebrities have friends. Not just "celebrity" friends, just friends. (some who happen to be celebrities)And as usual, through your entries, it's clear why they are your friends. I think it's pretty clear that St. Peter may indeed ask to see your address book, but is more likely to ask to see your friends' address books; just to make sure you are in theirs, before letting them in.