Sunday, March 04, 2012

There are some rituals and traditions that have no reason to exists other than repetition.  This is a case in point. It is the "Changing of the Shoe" ceremony.  Out with the old and in with the new. This tradition was started a year ago when there was  also a change of shoe.  You can see the original post by clicking HERE.  I was going to write the same story about my Sunday shoes again, but if you clicked back you are already up to speed.  
Yesterday I retired my old tennis shoes and bought a new pair.  Sandi did not like my white ones and referred to them as my "nurse shoes." So I bought grey shoes this time to end the discussion. 
Once you have started a tradition you have to follow up.  Besides it's a Sunday, traditionally a slow news day, and even networks throw in fluff.  I can think of nothing that is more fluffy than a shoe story. At least it is not a Facebook video of me raking leaves with my dog. Wait... no it is too late to film that. Why work that hard on a slow news Sunday.
There is some consistency to the fact that the original story is from my childhood and about my Sunday shoes, and here it is Sunday... A slow news day.  Did I mention it is a slow news day? 
So there you are. A blog with nothing of real interest or merit. It happens in all forms of publishing and broadcast. When you commit to a daily public communication sometimes you just run out of clever things to say and you inadvertently resort to grasping at nonsense just to keep it going. In those times when you've got nothing of real value to say, you come up with things that are so stupid it exposes the superficial nature of your actual abilities.  Just ask Rush Limbaugh.  
As you were,


P. Grecian said...

It's when an essayist has nothing to say and finds some small shard of human experience to talk about that it becomes clear just how good he is at the form.
Not only did I read the blog...I went back to read the previous one. In such small things do we recognize our own lives.
I immediately related this to my own experience with shoes. I buy 'em two pairs at a time...and put one pair away...because I know I'll miss the first pair when they finally fall apart.
Thanks, Jay.

Tom Farrell said...

Jay, even when you have nothing to say.... you say
a lot. Every day your blog's a gem!

Roomie said...

I remember the old white ones...we both had them...are they the same ones? CLASSY!!!!! But the new ones are pretty classy too!!!!
Carry on,