Thursday, March 29, 2012

For me TAO is short hand for  the "Two And Only".  After writing the title of my show so many times there was a need to shorten the phrase to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome. I realize philosophically TAO  has a different meaning to most everyone else, and even a different pronunciation. Here is the kangi... Of course you would pronounce it Dow.
By definition "it is the way, the path or the guiding spiritual principle behind something."  Loa Tzu wrote on the idea of Taoism centuries ago. When I was in High School the book entitled "The Tao of Motorcycle repair" was published. It mingled eastern and western philosophy through the metaphor of motor cycle repair.  Later there was "The Tao of Pooh" which created a philosophy out of Winnie the Pooh's life. Perhaps it is time for a new Book of TAO...So here it is my abridged version of: 
The TAO of the BOO
Three Rules to live by:
Be in the moment.  Boo is always in the moment. Everything's an adventure to be approached with equal vigor.

Only  acceptance.  Boo accepts my actions without judgement or reaction. Boo will never "un-friend me".

Off with Squirrels.  Boo believes with dedication in total squirrel eradication.

Unfortunately the Tao of the Boo falls apart here. Bad behavior toward squirrels flies in the face of unconditional acceptance. It does, however, strongly support the concept of being in the moment.  It becomes a philosophical enigma.  The metaphor falls apart. Boo is a dog neither a motorcycle nor cartoon character. I need more meditative substance and quiet reflection.  I think the Book of the Tao of the Boo needs more work, but who has a quiet time to think and write when the dog is barking at squirrels all day?

As you were,


Kenny Croes said...

eradicate chip and dale?

Roomie said...

I can't read your blog....Mandy is barking too loudly at the squirrels and chipmunks on the deck...what?
Carry on TAO,
R & M(TAO)

Dave Robison said...

We call that the Tao of Spike at the Robison Household. And we struggle with Acceptance and the paradox that is the total eradication of the evil; that is squirrel.

Tao Master Spike states each tenet can be justified in that Acceptance of Satisfaction, Enlightenment and Tranquility can only be achieved by squirrel extinction, for squirrels are the fuzzy bastards blocking the true path.