Monday, March 12, 2012

The Great Dunka Day and the Mistress of DragonBone
My friend John McLean says that a useful definition of a myth is "a story that never happened but is always true."  The seeming contradiction of that statement is compelling to me. The Great Dunka Day and the Mistress of DragonBone certainly fits the definition.  The difference is that this myth has yet to be told. 
On Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 8:12 AM my niece Nicki and her husband had their first child.  She is a beautiful girl named Noel Paulene. I was in Dallas, where she was born, over the weekend and actually got to meet her about three hours after she arrived.
My niece decided that she and Jeff would not tell anyone her name until the family met her in person, geographical restrictions withstanding.  I just happened to be in the city on business and got to be part of the "meeting/welcoming committee".  
I have always been very close to Nicki. In her younger years her attempt to articulate Uncle Jay came out Dunka Day.  That stuck and even now I am Dunka Day or just Dunka if the greeting is less formal.  As usual her timing, having Noel when I was there, is in keeping with her incredible sharing and loving nature.  
Also in attendance was my Mom.  This is her first Great Grand baby. Noel was named after my Dad and her. Dad's middle name was Noel and Mom's middle name is Paulene.  Dad passed on last September only 6 months before his name sake's arrival.  I am sure they had a chance to hang out together before she caught the "womb bus" to Earth. 
Noel will start her journey at one of the residences on DragonBone, my brothers ranch in the country side of north of Dallas. I have written about DragonBone and the fabulous Smokin' Dragon Pub on the property.  I am sure that I will write about it again. It is a special place to me. It is not a working ranch or farm, it is more of a park. Go Karts, walking paths, lakes,  giant swing sets, gazebos and an incredible playhouse dot the 70 plus acres. It was envisioned to be the perfect place for "city" kids to explore.  It is still a favorite destination for my two grown boys as it is for me.  As we toasted Noel's arrival my brother dubbed his first Grand - Daughter, the Mistress of DragonBone. 
In the pub is a leather bond journal with the tooled picture of a Dragon on the front. It keeps a record of the visitors, friends and legends who are invited to this exclusive club.  As one might assume, my Brother and I celebrated well into the wee hours on the Saturday night of Noel's birth.  We realized after too late that it was daylight savings time change so we celebrated even longer than we thought. 
In my post to the Pub journal I decided to write Noel a note for future reading.  Since I am her Great Uncle I signed the entry, Your Great Dunka Day.  I liked the sound of it. (my actors ego would like any title that contains the word "great".)  It is the beginning of a wonderful fairytale myth on our adventures together.  I have many things to share with the Mistress of DragonBone, but not as many as she will share with her Great Dunka Day.  First chapter begins today. 
Once upon a time in the enchanted land of DragonBone, a child was born to the Prince and Princess.  She arrived while the Great Dunka Day was meeting with the Fifinellas who had gathered nearby. Dunka rushed to meet the new mistress with great joy. Pinky Poo, the master of the blue bear, and Slim the Scarecrow were there with the matron of ParkView and the DragonBone King  and Queen. The Kingdom celebrated and a feast was prepared by local merchants.  
The King and the Great Dunka toasted this blessing well into the night soothing the Dragons in their lair, talking of great adventures and the new journey that had just begun.....  
To be continued......
As you were,

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