Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rush to Judgement
I did not post the link to a Credo site advocating a boycott of Rush Limbaugh's advertisers on my FaceBook page. When you share a computer and forget to logout of your Facebook page another person can post a link accidently. It is done before they realize it is not their page. It should NOT have been a big deal. It's Facebook for Pete's sake. FaceBook, where people pretend to own a farm.
However, it started a heated discussion about Mr. Limbaugh and his actions with people commenting on other commentors comments all playing out on my wall. Both sides of the arguement were dedicated to their point of view. No one changed anyone elses mind. It simply crowded my page and forwarded emails of the chatter to my in box. I would not have posted such a link because - I don't care.
Here's the reason. Whatever Rush Limbaugh is, he is also an attention whore, or attention slut if you prefer. All he wants, is attention. He wants to be talked about. He wants to matter. He wants to insert himself into the National dialogue during this political year, having no real qualifications to serve in government nor even run for office.
You can not hurt Rush Limbaugh by attacking his advertisers, nor calling him names. The only thing that will upset Rush is if you dismiss him as completely irrelevant. Which he is. Stop listening to him and stop talking about him. If people become outraged at what he says, it proves, in his mind, that he matters. He does not. He will never matter. He is a radio "mouth jockey", nothing more.
I do not listen to his program. The only reason I knew he had made his remarks is because people talked about it. They are still talking about it. Rush is loving the attention. Even as he apologises he continues to feed the flames. When this controversy fades he will attempt to start another fire storm with some other outrageous accusation. That is what he does, and with no other desernable talents that is all he can do.
Rush Limbaugh is neither a comedian, a singer, an entertainer, intellectual nor elected official. Because of this he is neither funny, entertianing, can't carry a tune and is shallow in his discourse. He is the filler between ads for companies wanting to sell you something. He is a eunoch giving sex advice. He has no authority, responsibility nor power over anything that affects my life, or anyone elses.
Stop talking about Rush Limbaugh. Which is what I plan to do right now.
As you were,


Don said...

But how do you really feel? :-)

This was a great read!

P. Grecian said...

I'm sorry...who?

J. Ivy said...

Bullies need to be confronted not ignored. As you have pointed out he will continue to do what he has been doing so why not take this opportunity to make it as painful as possible for the people who support his show?
Fact: Of the 69 ads that ran on Rush Limbaugh on WABC (a big station), 39 of them were unpaid public service announcements.
Obviously it's having an effect. We might be able to shut him down for good so for me it's worth paying attention not to Rush but to his advertisers.

Roomie said...

Well said...he is an ATTENTION WHORE and a TOOL!!!!! Ooops!!!!! Mandy said that might be a bit harsh, but she quietly agreed!!!!
Carry on, oh wise one....

Anonymous said...

Well, if conservative talk-show hosts are so off base, why are they talked about so much? If they're so far off, why can't the liberal media keep a liberal talk show like Rush's, or Savage, or Hanity, on the air? Could it possibly be that they really have nothing to say and THEY are the ones who are off and no one really wants to listen? it is liberalism that is intolerant and tries to shut down conservatives. Liberals are accepting only when you agree with them. If you disagree with them, they will censor you, name call, try to shut you down, and try to keep you out of the media. This all is not an opinion, but traceable, verifiable, observable, fact.

Bill Matthews

Kenny Croes said...

i think conservative talk shows get better ratings because they appeal to the darker side of our nature. listening to a conservative talk show is like standing in a shouting mob as they watch a big bully kick the crap out of a skinny kid with glasses.