Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bring Back the 60's
The 1960's, a time of social change, freedom, peace and equality; when love was free and gas was cheap.  There was a social consciousness and a rock and roll search for spiritual enlightenment. This is a tale of those ancient days.
A young man goes on a difficult journey to seek the advice of the Ancient Guru.  After traveling for days he climbs the highest mountain in Tibet to find the Guru's monastery.  The master sits on a pillow in the temple room. Sensing the presence of another person the Guru breaks his mediation, opens his eyes and beacons the young man into the temple. 
"What is it you seek my son?"
"I have come a long way to ask you a question." Said the young man.
"I am old and I have the answers." Says the Guru, "But my time here on this plain is short.  For travelers like yourself I can only answer one question.  Think long and clearly on what that question will be."
The young man thinks carefully and says, "Yes, I know my question."
"Then ask your question," says the Guru, "but come closer for my ears are failing so I do not hear well."  
 The young man steps closer to the Guru and in a clear voice says, "What is my Fate?" 
The Ancient Guru closes his eyes and connects to a higher self.  After a moment of silence his eyes flash open and gaze directly at the young man.  The Guru begins to speak in a distant voice.
"It will be sent to you and only you.  It is only yours to receive and no one else.  And," he continues, "No matter where it is coming from no matter what roads it has traveled it will be delivered to you at the appointed time. It will pass through many places before it gets to you, but you must be there to receive it. You must be there at the appointed time, or else it will be taken back. It may be days before they attempt to deliver it again.  Besides, sometimes you have to sign for it."  The Guru ends his answer and the audience is over.
The young man is perplexed and angry. The answer to his one question was gibberish.  
The Guru closes his eyes to meditate but the young man does not leave.  Breaking all the monastery rules the young man lashes out at the Guru and says, "I have traveled miles and miles on foot in snow and rugged mountain peaks with my one question. This crap is your answer?  I wanted to know my Fate."
"Fate," interrupts the Ancient Guru...  "I thought you said Freight."

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Lanny said...

Love your stuff, everything that you do! Best ventriloquist ever! I really want to see your show but cant really afford to spend the money to travel or hire you for 15k. Was wondering if you ever plan to put your broadway act on like dvd? Jeff Dunham does a lot of things like that and is a hack compared to you.