Wednesday, August 25, 2010


First I need to explain. I had to get a new smart phone when I was home. I needed to up grade to one that wasn't powered by D cell batteries. It is a touch screen which I am growing to love. In the mean time, the learner's curve is steep. The auto correction feature and the send key are way to close for my beefy digits. Add to this the conflict between the predictive text and what I want to write. For now I am having to use the delete key very often. The delete key and the send key are also too close for my dexterity. I will learn and the mistakes will improve. I promise to make more quality mistakes in the future.

This the third time in two weeks I've been here in Skagway. It is rainy and cool. For me that over cast sky adds to the romance. There is a correction to a blog last week from here. The tattoo on the shoulder of the waitress at the local crew bar is not simply a big dipper and North star, it is the state flag of Alaska. Being that the tattoo is so close to her ample assets it is easy to miss the governmental Significance.
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