Saturday, August 28, 2010


As you know I have this new BlackBerry. On this trip forgot to wear my wristwatch so I am relying on the phone for the time. At some point on Thursday the phone picked up a signal from ranger station and reset the time from Alaskan, which is an hour earlier than Pacific time to Pacific. I did not know the default was set to automatically update the time zone. I still thought it was set to ships time which stays on Alaskan time for this run.
It happened to be a show day. The advanced modern technology caused me arrive at the theater an hour early. It was like the twilight zone. No one was there, no techs and no audience. For a moment I thought I would be doing show for an empty house without microphone and lights. Very strange, but totally understandable given the nature of our modern communications.
They say that young people are not wearing watches but rely on the automation of the cell phone as their time standard, claiming it is much more reliable. Although that might seem the modern thing to do, I can assure you it may require having apps on that phone which will help pass the time. There are moments when it is entirely too accurate.
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