Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parallel Parking

This is a picture of main street in Skagway. That big white square at the end of the road is one of the four ships that stopped here today. In a town that on the off season has about three hundred residents, the daily influx of four thousand trinket seekers is the modern day equivalent of the gold rush.
They say that the real money of the Klondike gold rush was made by the merchants in the city who supplied the prospectors. In that sense nothing has changed.
Oh and my comment about performing on a cruise ship being maligned by some. I am not one that subscribes to that idea. It is very much like corporate shows, which I also love to do. It is performing under the radar. You don't have to pimp ticket sales and it is not eight shows a week. And compare the picture of a glacier to the Las Vegas strip and it becomes moot.
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