Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think this is my sixth trip to Alaska on a ship. But it has been several years since I was here. A lot of things have changed in that amount of time.
In Ketchacan (who can spell that) I discovered a new Starbucks. It shares space with a bigger store that sells Eskimo crafts. I thought that was odd but why not, Starbucks are everywhere.
I went in and ordered my usual "grande mocha frap with no whip". The guy said "We have a Frozichino. No Frappachino" I asked if it tasted the same and he said it was the same thing except made with a syrup instead a powder. I said "Okay" and he charged me six dollars. That is about two dollars more than I usually pay, but hey this is Alaska.
It wasn't the same, it tasted different. As I walked out of the store I noticed the sign. It had the Starbucks logo, but in smaller letters it actually said "Serving Starbucks Coffee." It wasn't a Starbucks at all it was an independent coffee bar that bought Starbucks brand coffee. That is the reason for the weird mixture and outrageous prices. They couldn't even call it a Frappachino.
Evidently Sarah Palin is not the only fraud that Alaska has to offer.
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Roomie said...

Carry on, you rascal and enjoy your trip...Say HI to Sara when you pass by or through Wasilla....hope you can see Russia from your porthole (or do you have one?)