Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Local color

This is the Red Dog Saloon not to be confused with the Blue Dog Saloon in beautiful downtown Encino, which is the preferred hang out of both my sons. Although it is just a color difference, this liquid establishment resides in Juneau, Alaska. I don't know why this one is famous, but it is. Perhaps because it is in Alaska.
It is so famous that they sell merchandise marketing its commercially. I personally got a short glass from here just to prove I am a world traveler.
Not unlike Planet Hollywood the fact that you have been here is more important than why you came. That is why you need a proof of purchase. A shot glass is the cheapest proof and like many others today I am now an official patron.
The next time you come to my house and say,"Jay have you ever been to the Red Dog Saloon." I cam just offer you a shot from my souvenir fk


Philip Grecian said...

Good to ahve the explanation. I puzzled over "souvenir fk" for a time and decided it was either something dirty...or you'd been having too many shots from your souvenir fk.

Roomie said...

Mandy and I are totally with Philip as to the "souvenir fk" and having known you as long as I have, I should know what you mean....Philip and I await the answer....and so does Mandy....
Carry on,