Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Documentation 
This is what I posted in my blog on, Saturday, August 14th:
Whittier Alaska, I don't know exactly where that is, but I can see Sarah Palin from here. We are taking on new passengers under a foggy and ominous sky. 
I took a picture of that moment and here it is now that I can upload it. It was like a post card as you looked out on the bay side town.  I don't know if this is it or there is a bigger town close.  It is romantic and foggy, but this is August, I can't imagine how cold and white it might be in January.  You might just freeze your "romance" off.
Whittier is, I found out, Alaska and therefore part of the United States.  I boarded the ship in Juneau, USA, Sailed to Whittier, USA and then got off a week later again in Juneau, USA. It was like flying from Juneau to Whittier and back.  I might have flown over or in this case sailed by Canada. I never really left the USA. However, I still had to meet with the customs and immigration officials to account for what I might have purchased outside the USA.  I sometimes wonder if the right wing knows what the left wing is doing in this country. Logic and horse sense could save a lot of money.  Amarillo Slim, or maybe it was Titanic Thompson, two equally wise, con-men hustlers said, "Horse sense is what keeps horses from betting on what Humans do."
Oh, and in the picture above, the house on the far, far right, a little off plumb, not quite straight and painted red and full of wasted space and hot air - Sarah Palin's house.
As you were,

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Roomie said...

You lucky rascal....and that is not Sarah's house...we are not easily fooled, but I would like to chat with you about Medicare providers, because perhaps you could tell me some things that I don't already know.....
Carry on, and enjoy your Sunday...and thanks for sharing those beautiful pics.....we live vicariously, you know?