Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More than they wanted

I am on the ship as people come back from their tours. I love to sit and listen. Today on one of whale watching tours they actually saw some whales. Usually they surface for a second and are gone. This particular tour was different and the people that were on it we talking.
It seems they got to see a whale for more than a second or two. He was stalking and eventually killed a sea lion. It was gruesome and bloody and as natural as a glacier. Some were offended and turned completely off by the carnage and seemed to blame the tour, as if it had been staged as a show. What were they thinking that this was some Disney ride that features talking whales? They came to see the wilderness and that is what happens out here.
Wonder how many of them would order a sirloin stake if they butchered it at the table. We want what we want when we want it but really don't want to see how we get it. That is my observation fueled by boredom and bourbon and the fact that until tomorrow I am just cargo.
As you were,

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Zan Gaudioso said...

Brilliant observation, Jay! You're absolutely right, nature doesn't clean-up for tours, just for Disney. Love your posts! Here's to booze and boredom. ;)