Saturday, August 07, 2010

Out with the Old 
In with the New 
In my youth I had two pair of shoes.  Black loafers were my preference. One pair was for everyday wearing and one pair was for Sunday.  The Sunday pair was to be kept shined and looking good.  Once the everyday shoes fell apart they would be tossed, and a new pair would be bought for Church. The Sunday pair became my everyday pair.  My loafers usually wore out by starting to flap. I started walking at an early age, and on my toes which I  still do to some degree today.  This caused the sole of my shoes to become separated from the shoe itself and would flap when I walked. My Dad could literally "hear" when I needed a new pair of shoes.  Now I mostly wear tennis shoes, and have several pair of dress shoes when the occasion calls for it.  
Once I get a pair of tennis shoes that work for me I am very reluctant to let them go.  It is only after they fall apart that I will seek another pair to take their place.  In a brief ceremony a week ago I ushered out the old and welcomed a new pair of Tennis shoes.  The new ones become my everyday shoes and the old tennys will be relegated to yard work, painting and other jobs where shoes are expendable. 
So, with proper reverence I said goodbye to the worn out Nike's and welcomed the Reboks into my world.  To document the occasion I took this picture.  Sandi did not understand, nor could I explain my reason for making a fuss.  Goodbye old friends....
Although you can not really read the yellow label inside the new shoes, it says: "Duty Proof".  I am not sure what that means. "Doody Proof" I could understand but question the veracity. "Duty Free" I know, "Fit for Duty" I have heard, but what is "Duty Proof"? If there happen to be shoe experts that know how to interpret this foot wear selling point,  please clue me in.
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Roomie said...

You are just tooooo funny for your years and own good...We have a ritual similar to yours for many items that I own...not so many since retirement...actually a lot means that for any DUTY you have them perform, they can do it without any PROOF of wear and tear on you or them.....what did I just say?
Carry on,