Friday, August 06, 2010

Are you Kidding?
Yesterday in the LA Times there was a short hundred-word article in the National Briefing section. I love this section of the paper.  These condensed articles fit my ADHD nature by being short and getting right to the point.
This particular blurb reported on the apology given by Irvin Good, Jr, president of GoodTimes Amusements of Pennsylvania. He did not intend to offend anyone with the game he called "Alien Attack" which appeared at a fair in Roseto, PA.  The object of the game is to shoot the "Alien's" with a simulated hand gun.  It seems that some people thought that one of the "targets" resembled President Obama. Here is the official statement from Mr. Good,
"I voted for the man. It wasn't meant to be him. If anyone took it that way, we apologize." At this point I would tend to side with Mr. Good.  In this sensitive politically correct society people can over react to most anything, even the most innocent of intentions. I was ready to take Mr. Good at his word that "It wasn't meant to be him (meaning President Obama)." 
However, there was still room in the short article to describe the alien "target" that caused such a stir.  To quote the article:
The game depicted a black man dressed in a suit holding a rolled up piece of paper labeled "Health Bill". The man sported a belt buckle fashioned after the presidential seal.
Geez Mr. Good how could anyone be confused by that? To quote Racehorse Haynes the flamboyant Texas defense attorney, "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."
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