Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vegas Memories
Being in Vegas over the week end reminds me of the great times I have had there over the years. Years ago, perhaps decades, Sandi was dancing in a Ford Industrial show and I was there with her just to hang out by the pool on her days off.

My sister had just gotten a divorce from a guy who showed up in Vegas while we were there. He seemed to think that because I had been there so many times before I had the key to the city. He had never been to Vegas and wanted to "get together" to "paint the town". I really didn't want to deal with him, but didn't have an excuse not to see him after he had made the trip. Sandi had the excuse of working and being tired, but I was stuck. I was obligated to show him an evening on the town.

I decided he should see a Vegas "tits and feathers" production show figuring that would keep him occupied for the evening with very little involvement from me. I picked the "Lido de Paris" show at the Stardust. It was a good show with pretty girls. It fit the bill perfectly. We tipped the captain a lot and got a seat right on the edge of the stage.

It was a typical Vegas spectacle full of topless girls, flash and feathers. As the show progressed my plan was working very well. At one point a topless girl ended up dancing right in front of me and I recognized her. We had been kids, years before, in a show at the Carrilon Hotel in Miami. We corresponded for a couple of years before I got married. It could have been more serious if we had lived in the same state, but we lost touch over the years. She recognized me as well and actually whispered, "What are you doing here?". It was not the place for a conversation nor could I really explain my situation between dance moves. However, later on when she was again in front of me in during a number, she whispered, "Back stage after the show." I told my ex-brother-in-law that we would go back stage after the show. He was very excited.

I met up with Joanna backstage. My ex-bro was a deer in the headlights looking around so Joanna and I had a moment to talk. We determined we had too much to catch up on for only a few minutes backstage so she said, "Why don't we go to Cukos". Cukos was at the time a 24 hour Mexican restaurant just off the strip that was a local hang out for Vegas performers. I said it would be great, but I had my ex-bro-in-law with me who would have to come along. She thought for a moment and said, "I'll take care of that... just be there."

Joanna showed up at Cukos with five of the dancers from the show still in full showgirl makeup. They were very hot looking. She introduced them to my ever present companion. They immediately grabbed him by the arm and started flirting with him. They surrounded him at the end of a large table. Joanna and I sat at the opposite end. The dancers kept him occupied for two hours while Joanna and I had a chance to catch up. It was as if he was not even there. He picked up the check and told me later it was the best evening he ever had.

It was the last time I ever saw my ex-bro-in-law. I don't think he ever caught on that Joanna had engineered the whole thing to get some time for us to talk. It was a brilliant plan, a mass of female diversions.

I later found out that Joanna quit the Lido and with the money she had saved enrolled in a school to become a holistic healer. The Stardust is now gone, so is the Lido show and probably Joanna has moved away. The only thing left is the memories which can be brought to mind by just going to Vegas. Perhaps that is the attraction and the magic that makes it continue to attract the masses.

As you were,

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