Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dum
I am disappointed that the Twitter haiku idea has already been done. I'm not disappointed that someone else thought of it before me. I'm disappointed that the idea didn't catch on and we still have people using the Ethernet as 140 character stream of consciousness.

Here is to the people who Twitter haiku's. You all are definitely on the top of the Internet intellectual food chain. "Three Tweets" for your work. Examples at the address below courtesy of Dave Robinson (who is evidently Twitterpated*):

So, Here is my new Twitter idea. Twitter sized literature. I think I will call it Twitter-a-Ture... (I'm sure I am the last one to think of that name.) (And another thing, every time I say Twitter I sound like I'm doing a bad imitation of Sylvester the Cat.)

Back to the concept of Twitter-a-Ture...
If I tweet 140 characters a day of Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" starting tomorrow, I wont complete the entire book until Tuesday, March 22, 2012. I did the math. If you figure that a Tweet is around 20 words it takes 1064 days to tweet the 212,758 of Moby Dick. That's 35 months. Who can keep up with a story for that long, especially since we all seem to be getting Internet induced Attention Defect Disorder.

Unfortunately there won't be time enough to Tweet another novel after finally finishing Moby Dick. According to Nostradamus, Mayans and the History channel, that's just eight months before the end of the world on 12/21/12.

Here is the question of the day. If I only get one crack at Tweeting literature, is Moby Dick the right choice? What is the quintessential novel/book to read for end the world? It needs to be the ultimate bed time story for human existence. What should be the last book ever Tweeted?

I'll start soon as I am certain what book that is.
As you were,

*Twitterpated - From Disney's animated movie "Bambi". The term twitterpated was used by Thumper Rabbit to explain the feelings he, Flower and the other animals were having toward the opposite sex. Twitterpation causes mental confusion and physical weakness brought on by adoration, blind affection and hormones. It is perfect use of the word to describe people who have become addicted to Twitter.


Harrison M. said...

If the world ends in 2012, I'm going to be rather pissed off. That would only be 7 months after I graduate college.

As for the book, I'd say Great Expectations because it's public domain and such a wonderfully odd book. I'd ordinarily go for Good Omens, but that's still under copyright.

David Robison said...

Hey Jay, I'm officially following you on Twitter now. And you'll be on my #followfriday tomorrow.

BTW, somebody is tweeting the Bible

Roomie said...

Mandy says this is confusing and nonsense....and I think I agree....
Carry on,