Friday, April 03, 2009

Strange Travel Tip

I have these road cases that travel with me. They are black with aluminum trim. The hasp latches sometimes get released by accident as they are being loaded and unloaded on a plane. That's why I used to lock them. However, the TSA doesn't allow that these days. If the cases are locked and TSA needs to get inside they will break the latch, lock or do anything they need to just to open it. And they are not responsible for any damages.

I found a solution to the problem by using gaffers tape to keep the latches down in transit. I thought it was an original idea but see the same method used for similar cases as I wait for my baggage at the airport.

Well, the road cased get dirty and from time to time I feel the need to clean them up. Formula 409 works just fine. However, yesterday I decided that I could shine up the black vinyl with Armor All. And it worked the cases shine like new.

However, when I placed the gaffers tape on the latches it wouldn't stick. I tried several times. I used a different kind of tape and it wouldn't stick either. The oil in the Armor All that makes it so shiny eats away the sticky part of the tape. Who knew?

I tried to wash off the oily film but nothing worked. I even let the case sit out over night but the tape would still not stick.

I found a belt to tie around the case so it won't accidentally come open. I am hoping the TSA monkeys will know how to undo a belt.

So if you don't want tape to stick to something use a little Armor All. However, if you need the tape, opt for a case that is not as shiny as it could be.

Don't you just love traveling. It is so romantic.

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