Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Thinking about Vegas
I know now where all the extra coins go in Vegas since the slot machines don't take them anymore. As I walked around the various hotel extravaganzas most have at least one fountain in the lobby. They are all filled with coins that people have thrown in wishing for good luck. To me this is the ultimate scam. They have found a way in Las Vegas to get you to literally throw your money away.

It reminds me of my goddaughter. When she was four she went to Disneyland with her folks. She had a penny and stood in front of Snow White's wishing well for a long time. She was thinking hard about her wish when she threw the penny in. She was all smiles when she walked away. Her folks said, "What did you wish for Eva?" She said, "I wished for a penny." That's when reality suddenly dawned on her.
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