Thursday, April 09, 2009

Medium Rare's
Astrological Projections

Those who follow this blog know that Saturday is the day for "The World is a Stage" publication of the Astrological Forecast for the week. Medium Rizza Rare's weakly projections have largely been overlooked and misunderstood. Some have even thought of the service as a weekend filler.

Rizza Rare has been consulting the Astral plane for our readers only for the last 8 months. The Medium's predictions can be found no where else on the web. For that tireless work on our behalf the editors would like to say THANK YOU and, WELL DONE MEDIUM RARE!

There will be no forecast this Saturday, but beginning Saturday, April 18th Rare's Weakly reading of the stars will be back with a NEW LOOK and better predictions.

This time we encourage your comments. If the prediction is relevant or even if it is totally wrong for your journey, we want to know. Leave a formal comment below. NO NAMES are needed just your Zodiac Sign.

A few of the faithful have left comments in the past but we now encourage all to join in. Your comments will help Medium Rare with new predictive and cognitive services.

Tonight Thursday, April 9, 2009 is a full moon which intersects the celebrations of Two major religions and even ancient pagan rites. It is a time for NEW BEGINNINGS... and what better place to start than with the New -


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